Are you looking for prank games to prank your friends and family? Then you are in the right place with our prank sounds with different moods of prank sounds, including a air horn, razor pranks, fart sounds, haircut pranks, haircut clipper, siren sounds, car simulator, siren sounds, car sound, prank call, and prank dial options, and a variety of features in funny ringtones, our prank games has all the prank features that you need to prank your friends.

Air horn: Fart & Razor Prank

With our fabulous prank sounds and the best collection of air horn sound effects, including fart sounds, animal sounds, haircut clipper, siren sounds and air horns, you will enjoy to prank your friends and family and having laughing adventures. And also in our prank games, having funny free ringtones features which you can use to get the attention from others, with options ranging from classic tunes to funny sound bites.

Prank Your Friends

Our prank games gives you the option of playing a part as a prank caller,and you can prank your friends and laugh. Our prank games have features in prank sounds like a siren sounds, haircut clipper, fart prank, haircut prank, broken screen prank, that will have everyone fooled and you can enjoy this entertainment. Our prank games have car sounds pranks with different sound effects like ham horns and cock noises in air horn, fart and razor prank.

Our prank games gives you the variety of prank sounds like clipper sound, haircut prank sounds, siren sounds, car sounds, including engine noises and car race sounds, as well as funny sound effects like ham horns and cock noises, razor prank and shaver prank, fart prank, and fart sounds options to get a laugh in which extreme car simulator, with realistic engine sounds pranks were added in our prank games and a variety of features for customization air horn, fart & razor prank ..

Prank Sounds

So either you want to prank your friends with fart noises, call prank sounds, roosters calls, animal sounds effects or you have an option of broken screen prank sound you can enjoy all these varieties of prank sounds like haircut pranks, haircut clipper razor prank, air horn and fart sounds pranks in our prank games.

In air horn, fart and razor prank games is prank app and our fart sounds games and other pranks sounds included rooster calls, animal sounds, and a broken screen prank, our prank games is the perfect platform for anyone looking to have some fun and enjoyment our want to laugh by parking with others with the options for haircut clipper, siren sounds, fake hair buzzers, animal calls, and funny sound effects like air horns and fart noises, fart prank in which you can enjoy your laugh with your friends.

But our app isn’t just about sound games. We also offer a variety of call prank options, including a fake call prank and a prank calling app, as well as fake sound effects like haircut prank and shaving razor prank, fart prank and hair clipper pranks games. And with our animal ringtones, you can set your phone to ring with hilarious prank sounds animal calls that are sure to get some attention.

Our broken screen prank is the perfect way to fool your friends and get enjoyment from realizing their phone is broken and laugh with them. And with our air horn sound and fart sounds, you can enhance your prank experiences with the help of our game.

Features of Air horn: Fart & Razor Prank
Enjoy prank call sounds
You can use prank dial sounds for pranks
Having fart sounds, fart noises in prank features
Become a prank caller in your phone prank app
Having animal sounds pranks features
Do pranks with your friends with our Prank games
You can prank your family members with Haircut clipper
You can use razor prank sounds
Do pranks with others with electric Shaver Prank
Youcan prank your friends with broken screen prank and fake hair buzzer
Use Shaver prank, and haircut prank sounds

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