You have been hired as the best baby daycare babysitter nursery! Be the kind one and start the cute baby care! Let’s play this nursery care simulator and enjoy every scene of this newborn care game.

You have got appointed as a permanent babysitter by the most renowned baby hospital in the town and they want you to become a personal babysitter to two of the most adorable babies in the hospital! The mommies of the twin baby wanted a very good and dedicated care babysitter for their baby friends so that’s why they chose you for the baby hospital and baby care nursery!

By offering to take care of the baby friends you’re also volunteering for mom care since it is a great relieve of their shoulders! Now that the babies are in your custody you have the responsibility of feeding baby, bathing, washing, caring and all sorts of affection related activities of the care game!

It is not that hard being a newborn babysitter! Simply follow the instructions that the game gives you and you’ll be able to become a professional nursery babysitter! Using the onscreen controls and instructions, provide for the best baby care routine that all other baby care nursery and day care staff would want to be as good as you!

Since it gets really tough for working mommies who have more kids to look after the baby all the time they have no other option but to admit their babies in the very best My Baby Care Nursery! It is known as the best baby care nursery as well as baby hospital in the town and everyone always prefers to be associated with this nursery with regards to their precious babies!

Your job is to look after two my baby care nursery daycare, taking full time care of newborn babies can be really tiring so you have to give your best at caring for them to prove the purpose of these baby care games! These games are also not just for fun but also act as a tool for education and providing learning facilities on how to do baby care in real life too! So you won’t have to go to a care nursery and will be qualified enough to rely on yourself for extensive baby care!
– Multiple baby characters
– Baby care nursery simulation
– Feeding baby, bathing and cleaning and resting activities
– User interactive onscreen controls
– Baby hospital and care nursery setting
– Cute graphics and easy game play

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