Looking for a new Time Bombs-Broken Screen Prank sound game? We are here to provide you with many prank tools like time Bombs, Crack Screens, Electric, and Fire Touch, Here is the best way to prank your friends through a time bomb explosion blast. This time bombs game has a variety of bombs having a strong explosion. Prank your friends with timer bomb pranks with fake crack screens, crack screen pranks, electric touch, and multi-gun simulators. You can personalize the timer for added realism in the time bomb simulator.

Time Bombs-Broken Screen Prank is an exciting mobile game designed for prank enthusiasts. In this bomb prank game, you can have a blast pranking your friends with various explosive scenarios and broken screen pranks. Immerse yourself in battles using bombs and weapons. The gameplay involves choosing different types of bombs, setting timers, and triggering realistic bomb explosion sounds. Whether you’re into massive explosions, cracked screen pranks, or bomb-defusing challenges, Time Bombs-Broken Screen Prank offers a diverse range of options for endless fun.

One of the highlights feature is that you lead a team of bomb squads to defuse bombs, offering a thrilling experience with powerful weapons and explosive sounds. You can prank your friends through many gun simulators like real guns, taser guns, and light sabers. Another engaging game involves defusing time bombs before they explode, adding tension with ticking clocks and lifelike sound effects. For fans of explosion and weapon sounds, this game provides a variety of challenges and entertainment.

The pass game challenges keep a bomb moving without letting it explode, while the ‘Bomb Explosion features’ The collection also includes a ‘Broken Screen Prank’ simulation, fooling your friends with a cracked screen prank. if you want to play the best bombs with powerful bombs, set the timer for explosion so you can enjoy your fantasy here to prank your friends. Download Time Bombs-Broken Screen Prank now and enjoy pranking your friends with explosive and realistic sound effects!

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