Have fun with DIY Slime Jelly Ball Toy 😊! Squishy Ball Jelly Toy game will help you to release stress of daily routine. Kids enjoy playing this Jelly Slime Ball Toy. Make Slime Jelly Ball and the squishy toy in this DIY Squishy Slime Maker game. Play with them by stretching the jelly toy and squishy anti stress ball.

For Anti Stress DIY Slime Ball making you have to add powder and color in the bowl. Then add some glue and steer that mixture. Give the shape to Fluffy Slime ball into balloon and pass through the basket net. Start playing with squishy ball slime by stretching it from anywhere.

And for DIY Squishy Jelly toy making you must draw a shaped line then, cut that shape, color the shaped jelly toy, add face expression and play with Anti Stress Jelly Slime toy by stretching. Get coins for squishy slime ball and jelly toy unlocking.

 Make Crazy Ball Slime Jelly Toy and be the Crazy Jelly toy anti stress ball maker.
 Unlock the ball and toy with your best performance.
 Highly Attractive graphics with addictive Background sounds effects.
 Smooth User game play control.

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