When you get bore from daily boring life routine then download pink love music piano tiles and play it!

Butterfly piano tiles is simple and unique game. Music piano has different and beautiful sound of music. You feel relax after playing piano pink tiles. Butterfly piano pink is most addictive game that you feel pink piano love. You want to play again and again.

Just tap tiles on the screen and get the score. Speed increases gradually while tapping the tiles. Be careful and tap on the pink piano tiles. Otherwise, you’ll be loser. Give full attention to dream piano tiles game for more and more score. Face the different levels, beat the score and go to the next level. Every level has different size of pink tap tiles. Small tap tiles have 1 point and big tap tiles have many plus points. After beating the score, get the stars and then unlock the next level. You can also unlock the different and adorable pink piano tiles music and enjoy it.

• Different levels with different difficulties.
• Fabulous gameplay.
• Show the marvelous performance and get score.
• Beat the score and go to next level.
• Speed increases gradually as you tap the tiles continuously.
• Highly Interactive graphics with awesome physics.
• Get the stars at level completion.
• Unlock the different musical sound for butterfly piano.

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