Wear your apron and rush to your Italian pasta food making kitchen to satisfy your hunger but hang on you are a crazy kid! So how is that possible? Here comes the drill, cook tasty Italian food in your virtual world healthy food kitchen and prove your skills to be the best pasta making chef in your healthy food kitchn.

Grab the healthy and tasty ingredients and make yummy and tasty Italian pasta delicious meal with the help of your very own healthy pasta maker chef from scratch. Yes! In your kitchen food making options pick the right healthy food ingredients and start making yummy pasta for yourself. Show your pro-skills by maintaining your Italian pasta making kitching. With this Italian food kitchen you not only make the yummy tasty Italian pasta meal but open up new varieties of pasta as well with the gradual increase in your score board.

If you love cooking and love to be the best pasta chef maker then you are right here. Try the delicious recipes of making food at pasta making food kitchen and be the cool italian food maker to make pasta at food making kitchen with fun surroundings of food kitchen cooking. Italian pasta chef maker helps you out to make the best pasta food to satisfy your hunger. Buckle up and enjoy the tasty pasta making recipes as here you will have a perfect chance of doing everything as a crazy kid.

Tasty make pasta cooking will interact you with yummy healthy ingredients to make pasta cooking in a small pasta making kitchen to increase the taste to make your pasta tastier and healthier. Let’s make the tasty Italian food, try out your favourite pasta making food to make healthy and tasty Italian pasta and become an excellent crazy pasta maker food. Italian pasta making take you to the exciting food kitchen cooking challenge to make pasta making food recipe to enjoy the tasty Italian pasta making and be the kitchen expert to make pasta.


Select food items of your choice to customize your favorite pasta.
Pick your favorite noodles to make tasty pasta.
Variety of ingredients for delicious meal.
Fantastic vibrant and attractive animation of all ingredients and utensils.
Making food at pasta making kitchen take you to the fun and cool cooking world.
Small attractive kitchen environment for pasta cooking.
Get points for a perfect and tasty pasta.
With coins open up new gadgets for your pasta making food kitchen.

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